Day 20-22: A Weekend in Granada

Catedral de Granada Day 20 - We were in for another long haul bus ride of six hours, but it meant little to me because I slept most of it following Mad Cool the night before. We drove south through some dry country and by the time I woke up again we were surrounded by... Continue Reading →


July 8th-14th

The week in music: Summertime in Paris - Jaden ft. Willow This is chill. I like it. I appreciate that they're a sibling duo. I guess I'm also drawn to the idea of a summertime in Paris as I'm currently experiencing a summertime in Spain. There's a mix of heat and sadness that comes through... Continue Reading →

Day 13-16: Mendigorría for San Fermin

Day 13 – It was a mare organising ourselves, getting out of the hostel, and finding our bus out of San Sebastian. We were told to meet out the front of the church with scaffolding, but there are many churches with scaffolding, none which had any visible bus stops. But that didn’t seem to matter.... Continue Reading →

Day 10-12: Donostia-San Sebastian

Day 10 - We left Errezil bound for San Sebastian on a drizzling morning. The drive was quick and before we knew it we were clamouring off the bus in a busy street, stopping traffic as we tried to pry our suitcases out of the way and orientate ourselves. I knew from the briefest glimpse... Continue Reading →

July 1st-7th

The week in music: In This Shirt - The Irrepressibles A voice and instruments all working hard to produce a piece of music that is both complex and simple. There's a story to this song that comes with more than just the lyrics, but the flow of the music. I'm still tucked away in the... Continue Reading →

Day 6-7: Batalla de Vino

Camping with Stoke Travel in Haro Day 6 – The last morning in Barcelona was bittersweet. Bitter because we were leaving such a beautiful city; sweet because we were moving into the Spanish countryside. Barcelona is without a doubt a city I’ll return to. I could wander along its streets for days and dip in... Continue Reading →

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